Bidding for the past: vintage coach bag II

There's a lot of unwanted bags left in this world.
When you're searching for a used bag.
I have some left in my closet and try to give away.
I found another new one that the others threw away.
There's a saying in Thai that says:
"Pieces take turn to be adored"
Means nothing belongs to you forever.
Once mine, now yours.
That's fine.
Cause now.....this is my bag


Searching through the past : Vintage coach bags

From searching through the internet for the vintage coach bags.
That brought me to the time machine for the searching tool.
"The wayback machine"
This is so amazing that you can go back to the webpage in the old days.
Many many years ago.
For COACH, the furthest you can go back is around 1997.
And you can find informations about serial numbers, dimensions, materials,
for each designs at that time.
It's so helpful for authenticating the items before buying.
Pictures above are made by me from the product details that I find in 1997 page.
Take your time
To search more and roll back in the machine.

drawings by mettomot
(please let me know before using any drawings)


Bidding for the past: vintage coach bag

I just had my first experience with ebay.
I'm kind of paranoid people.
Moreover, I think of myself as a technology illiterate old woman.
So fear of buying things on internet is how I feel.
I mean I need to see them, feel them before buying.
But what kind of world I'm living in now, I have to move with it, haven't I?
It's so excited every time I clicked the bid button.
Feeling like I made a big decision, bigger than having a baby.
But finally I'm telling myself just go with your instinct, everything will be alright.
This is how I live in the real world - by my insticnt
So in the digital world, why not living the same way?
I'm still alive and for 6 months have been carrying my new bag.
(that was old for the ex-owner.)

vintage coach bag style no 4158
photo by mettomot


living with the past V: cement factory

Another conversion story.
A workplace and residence of a Catalan architect, Ricardo Bofill.
It's converted from a cement factory and completed in 1975.
Can't believe that it was 37 years ago.
So timeless. So cool.

via yatzer
more pictures from Room Service catalogue
Ricardo Bofill site


living with the past IV : water tower

Something that's useless for someone, maybe not for others.

"This water tower in Belgium was one of the first buildings made in concrete
and continued to be in use up until 1937.
When four new water towers were built within the commune of Brasschaat
and a completely new water supply system was put in.
The water company showed no real interest in the tower
due to its totally outdated technique and construction methods."

So later on in 1994 it was given a new chance.
When Crepain Binst Architecture got the assignment
to transform this building into something new.
An amazing house in an exceptional surrounding.

Everyone and everything in this world deserves a second chance.

read more
Crepain Binst Architecture site
via mnn


living with the past III : brewery

To live in a building that once was not built
for a residence purpose is one of a kind.
The atmosphere, the space, especially the scale of the buliding.
That makes it unusual.
This place is a brewery conversion in Berlin.
designer Essicka Kimberly said
“I was inspired by the challenge of preserving the place’s
un-domestic scale”
I think that's true.

from nytimes


living with the past II : lab

I can't imagine living in an old lab till I see this one.
Old lab in Milan is coverted into a living loft.
Loft N°6 by Architect Roberto Murgia.
This is nice and clean.

from europaconcorsi
Roberto Murgia site


living with the past I : theartre

"Despite a grand heritage as an historic italian theater,
this impressive building was an abandoned ruin
until its current owners transformed it into
a breathtakingly beautiful home"
quoted from elle decoration uk, april 2012

I like the idea of reusing the property that's been abandoned.
We shouldn't build a new building anymore.
A lot of places has been left neglected in this world.
I'm myself always excited with the project of renovation,
eventhough it takes more work and money.
I love living with history.

Loft Monza by Piero Lissoni
from elle decoration uk
via escapadeblog
via lucerosso



no talks
no questions
no solutions
i just need a quiet time for my therapy.

photo by kanchit and mettomot
at sala khoayai
and khaoyai national park

we all go back to where we belong

After the flooding, it took such a long time for my self-healing.
Many things happened during that time that change my perspective.
I admited that i've been collapsed, like many others.
But i'm glad that we're finally back to where we belong.
And for any good or bad, this too shall pass.

picture from my room
we all go back to where we belong from r.e.m


aesop and ilse

Aesop in London by Ilse Crawford.
I love Aesop and I love Ilse.

via dezeen


I miss my home.

This is the last picture of my home before we left 3 weeks ago. 
Because it is located on the north of Bangkok so the effect is so much. 
Even though I know it's not too much compare to other parts of Thailand. 
I know it's the privilege of living in capital city. 
But I just realize that it's the higher privilege if you live in downtown. 
By intention or not, invisible or not, 
we're labeled by the the authorized people, 
to define how important we are. 
And this is just another flooding house story.

photo by Kanchit


living green with the flood

if we have to live in the water.
this maybe the good choice for the green space.

skyplanter from boskke